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Viagrapatent expiration date ractice the actualpresentation outlines. Delivery scripts and additional resourcesmade available to schools are often in

consistent. With these standardsndap presentations do not use researchbased interactive. Techniquesndap presentations are lectureoriented sessions designed to verballyconvey information. About the risks and dangers of drug use andaddiction using concrete examples as well. As humor and entertainingmoments some lectures are interspersed with student participationmostly. In the form of presenter questions and group responsesndap presentations offer. Limited opportunities for students tomeaningfully interact with the concepts. Construct their own understandingsfor themselves and learn and practice skills with few notableexceptions. Eg session on media and alcohol the presentersquestions. Tend to Viagrapatent expiration date ask students to confirm the presenters conclusionsrather than critically reflect exchange ideas. And generate theirwhen a healthy person takes drugs the drugscan make. Them sick so if a person is not sick is theretell them who know somebody who smokes. Cigarettesevery hand goes up alright who knows someone who smokescigarettes. And wishes that they could quit almost all of thesame hands go up that is a good example of addiction. Do youthink those people when they tried their first cigarette wantedto. Become addicted no i dont think so and do you thinkthat that person who ever it might be started. Out by usingtwenty cigarettes per day no probably not most peoplebegin. By using just a cigarette Viagrapatent expiration date e here and a cigarette thereand if they dont stop they can very soon be using. 5 or 10per day people dont decide to become addicted. To a drug nobodygoes home at the end of a school day and says what am i goingto do tonight. Wash my bicycle and become a drug addictsimilarly activities that could provide meaningful. Student interactionwith the concepts often lack sufficient concept development. Or

of drug use and ask them is this a responsible use of drugsactivity roleplaying to demonstrate the. Meaningactivity students name various commercials theyveseen to demonstrate. Their ability to use critical thinkingskill

s and to identify proalcohol messages 54activity students. Give examples theyve seen ofhow powerful the addiction to nicotine can be 64accurate information without. The use of scare tacticsstrategies designed to frighten students into avoiding drugs. Donot work and can be counterproductive statements presented tostudents in the. Ndap are indicative of scare tactics these includefailure to clearly. Distinguish between drug use and abuse andeven coffee can cause some serious problemsif someone. Takes too much of it in fact enough coffee ina short period of time could potentially kill a person. Nowive never heard of anyone dying from an overdose of starbucksbut i have heard of people dying. From an overdose of caffeineusually thats from taking caffeine in pills otherdrugs do the. Same thing have you ever seen so

meone go toa party and the first thing they do is drink beer. Ifhe keeps drinking he could kill himself 21include. Normative education strategies designed to correct misperceptionsthat many students are abusing. Drugs in contrast the ndap deliveryscripts suggest presenters ask students. About personal experiencesand expect shared responses that may reinforce perceptions thatdrug abuse is. Common this questioning strategy may underminethe normative education components. Of the schools researchbasedtell them raise your hand if you know someonewho drinks too. Much alcohol most hands will go up ask ifthey know someone. Who has trouble with some drug some of thehands ask who knows someone who smokes cigarettes everyhand. Will go up great who knows someone who smokes and wishesthey could quit. Alright you all know